The people behind the Jai Jais

Sunita Shah



Sunita has been a practicing speech and language therapist for over 20 years. She is a mother of two boys. She developed “The Jai Jais” ( series of books starting in 2015 because she felt there were limited material to introduce her son to Hindu Gods and Goddesses in a child friendly way.

She has been able to integrate the developmental norms of communication, into simple vocabulary which is accessible for the child’s age. Using the appropriate level of comprehension to develop a child’s communication skills. Her extensive knowledge and skills of working with pre-school children have really supported the development of the books she has published and especially the Yoga & Mindfulness Cards.

Deepa Shah


Deepa Shah was brought up with yogic philosophies from an early age. She was deeply inspired and thus began practicing classical yoga including asana, pranayama and meditation, at the age of 18. Thereafter, she embarked upon training formally, initially with a one month intensive course in India at the Swami Vivekananda Centre.

Continuing her thirst for learning and wanting to help more people she completed a 2 year Yoga Therapy diploma in London. She has subsequently completed specialised training in pregnancy yoga, mummy and baby yoga and children’s yoga. Her flexible and creative approach allows her to reach out to those who would also benefit from the gems yoga has to offer.

James Balance

BA (Hons) Illustration with Animation


James always had a passion for drawing. Having done his degree in Illustration with Animation at West of England University has given him a varied amount of experience in animation, computer games, advertising and children’s books.

The journey for James, has given him an opportunity to understand a lot about Hinduism, its traditions and its many Gods. Loving what he does he prepares each character with a lot of thought as he wants to be able to create distinct imagery with strong and vibrant colours without losing its authenticity.

The team behind the Team:

Chirag Shah


Experienced Director with a demonstrated history of working in the wholesale industry. Strong professional skilled in Marketing Management, Negotiation, Budgeting, Business Planning and Operations Management.

Girish Naker



Girish is a qualified Accountant with over 40 years’ experience in the printing, packaging and publishing. He brings the wealth of knowledge and experience of publishing and printing.

Nemash Patel

Bsc (Hons), Computer Systems for Business


Nemash has been responsible of Digital and Social Media Marketing for a number of brands. He also partners in an eCommerce business and now works in the social media space; focusing on paid social ads using Facebook and Instagram.