Yoga has been shown to lead to better mental, physical and intellectual health for children. As a consequence, 370 schools in England have introduced mindfulness as a regular subject.

Outside of the classroom, however, it can prove difficult to incorporate regular practices into our children’s busy and hectic lives.This is where the Jai Jai Yoga Cards can help.

The Jai Jais’ Yoga and Mindfulness cards are a pack of 26 cards, with each letter of the alphabet depicting a yoga pose with colourful and vivid images of Hindu Gods and Goddesses. 

On the other side is an image of a child doing the pose, as well as a mantra to help children remember the poses.

The cards are accompanied by a 44-page colour guide which gives tips and techniques about the use of the cards. It attempts to show how a child can EXPLORE to EXPRESS their emotions positively as well as EVOLVE their inner strength.

In addition, the guide contains information on ‘Origins of Yoga’, the steps to doing the Surya Namaskar (Sun salutations) and the Chakras (a Sanskrit word that simply means a wheel). 

The 7 chakras provide the right balance of energy to every part of your body, mind, and spirit. By learning about the 7 chakras, you can become more in tune with the natural energy cycles of your body.

  • Empowering children to be fit, calmer, more confident and tolerant.
  • Assisting in improving focus and concentration skills.
  • Help to bring adults and children closer together.
  • Encourages children to move away from TVs, smart phones and tablets.
  • Bridges generational and cultural gaps.
  • It is an easy and useful visual resource for Yoga teachers.
  • Hindu tradition/origins of Yoga spiritual connection

The JaiJais journey started when Sunita Shah embarked on a journey, seeking books to read to her first born Syon. Her failure to find the right kind of material led her to self-publish books.  Enlisting the skills of a passionate and talented illustrator, James Ballance, they have now published 18 books.

As Syon was growing up, she felt the need to extend this experience of children books and to an important and meaningful subject – children’s mindfulness. Sunita knew of a skilled yoga teached, Deepa Shah, and together the idea of Yoga & Mindfulness Cards started to take shape. All in all, it’s been more than 15 months in the making. 

The primary objective was to create something that children will find different and unique. The cards have a special appeal of combining learning, enjoyment, health and mindfulness, allowing parents and teachers to interact and create a unique and wonderful experience. Importantly, it brings family time and activities together. 

Whether it is by accident or intuition we think we have embarked on an interesting journey. What started off as a fresh new idea has evolved and gradually developed into an important message which can make a life-changing difference to young ones as well as adult-child relationships. It’s an attempt to drive them from a cocooned life in front of the small screens to opening up ‘chakras’ to more creativity, peacefulness and a much better and sound health. 

A delightful treat for any parent or child in this modern world. These superb cards are inspiring, creative and full of positivity for daily use, for (holistic) well being of our children who are our future.

Seema Shah

Hatha & Yin Yoga

A set of beautifully illustrated Yoga Cards instilling the origins of Yoga including Chakras, Hindu Gods and Sanskrit words everyone can enjoy. Thank you for sharing the Yoga Love.

Kelly Hall

Chota Yoga

Beautiful yoga cards for children for daily practice and a healthy body for positive thinking and a healthy mind. Perfect use of these at home with my children who are 10 and 6 years old. The style of the illustrations appeal to children. I like the Chakra colour coding of the cards.

Anjli Patel

Hatha & Aqua Yoga

Great colourful cards to help children learn yoga postures. They are very clear, visually attractive and engaging, and help to facilitate when teaching the postures as well as the chakras they benefit. The use of affirmations is very powerful! …and a great tool for teachers to use in their yoga classes.

Darsak Shah

Children’s Yoga, Yoga Dynamix

These bring and engaging cards are a delightful way to share yoga and mindfulness with our children, developing resilience, compassion and self-insight. The images are uplifting and engaging. They feel great.

Suzy Reading

Viniyoga Yoga & Psychologist

I like how the cards use the traditional Hindu gods etc to introduce these cards to children who would not otherwise have come across them. Very unique yoga cards. The text on the reverse of each card is beautiful-

Jenny Carne

Yoga teacher

These vibrant, colourful yoga cards are a great addition to a kids’ yoga teacher tool kit in ways to engage children in poses as well as sparking curiosity into the Indian gods and deities in yogic philosophy

Lindsey Porter

Akhanda Hatha & Special Needs

As a GP I have seen the rise in Mental Health issues. The importance of teaching and exposing the children to mindfullness is critical. These cards are a fun way of introducing Yoga to young children. The positivity the cards portray in the quotes is extremely powerful.

Dr Bindi Bathia

Mother & Doctor

In this stressful world we all live in, these yoga and mindfulness cards are so appropriate. Children need to be self reliant to be able to cope with the daily stress lives involves. Starting at a young age means they have a tool that will able them to look after themselves better.

Monika Patel


The team at JaiJais have had a lot of positive feedback when doing the market testing. There is an overwhelming support which suggests that the Yoga & Mindfulness Cards or different variations in the form of books, posters, videos etc., are all tools that are sought. The risk for the contributor is almost negligible, but the amount that is generated enables the team to help more parents and children by offering more unique and distinct products amongst which are:

We are aiming to get all pledges satisfied well before Christmas 2019. 

Sunita Mistry Shah Bsc (Hons), MRCSLT, RegHPC, MASLTIP

Sunita has been a practicing speech and language therapist for over 20 years.  She is a mother of two boys. She developed “The Jai Jais” ( series of books starting in 2015 because she felt there were limited material to introduce her son to Hindu Gods and Goddesses in a child friendly way. 

She has been able to integrate the developmental norms of communication, into simple vocabulary which is accessible for the child’s age.  Using the appropriate level of comprehension to develop a child’s communication skills.  Her extensive knowledge and skills of working with pre-school children have really supported the development of the books she has published and especially the Yoga & Mindfulness Cards.  

Deepa Shah 

Deepa Shah was brought up with yogic philosophies from an early age. She was deeply inspired and thus began practicing classical yoga including asana, pranayama and meditation, at the age of 18. Thereafter, she embarked upon training formally, initially with a one month intensive course in India at the Swami Vivekananda Centre. 

Continuing her thirst for learning and wanting to help more people she completed a 2 year Yoga Therapy diploma in London. She has subsequently completed specialised training in pregnancy yoga, mummy and baby yoga and children’s yoga. Her flexible and creative approach allows her to reach out to those who would also benefit from the gems yoga has to offer.

James Balance BA (Hons) Illustration with Animation

James always had a passion for drawing. Having done his degree in Illustration with Animation at West of England University has given him a varied amount of experience in animation, computer games, advertising and children’s books.

The journey for James, has given him an opportunity to understand a lot about Hinduism, its traditions and its many Gods. Loving what he does he prepares each character with a lot of thought as he wants to be able to create distinct imagery with strong and vibrant colours without losing its authenticity. 


The team behind the Team:

Chirag Shah 

Experienced Director with a demonstrated history of working in the wholesale industry. Strong professional skilled in Marketing Management, Negotiation, Budgeting, Business Planning and Operations Management.

Girish Naker FCMA CGMA MBA

Girish is a qualified Accountant with over 40 years’ experience in the printing, packaging and publishing. He brings the wealth of knowledge and experience of publishing and printing. 

Nemash Patel Bsc (Hons), Computer Systems for Business

Nemash has been responsible of Digital and Social Media Marketing for a number of brands. He also partners in an eCommerce business and now works in the social media space; focusing on paid social ads using Facebook and Instagram.

Risks and Challenges

The Jai Jais Yoga and Mindfulness cards have been in the making for over a year now. The hard work has all being done – the research, writing, illustrating, designing, prototyping and even doing a short market test. To commit to manufacturing requires funds to be committed at the onset. Not knowing the demand means that money can be tied up for a period of time. With support this reduces the risk for the publishers as well as reduces the time a product like this can arrive into the market.


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