Yoga provides a wealth of benefits which have been honed and refined for over 5,000 years. These benefits provide support for young and old, children and grandparents, large and small, healthy and sick. The beauty of yoga is that it can help every single person regardless of their age, health, or background.

Here are the top ben benefits of adding a regular yoga practice into your routine.


1) Improved Physical Health

Yoga is about twisting, turning, and holding. It’s about balancing and stretching. All of this movement is incredibly important for a body to maintain and improve its health. The lymphatic system is powered by motion. Bones and muscles need regular motion to maintain their strength. From the heart to lungs, from the digestive system to our skin, every aspect of us needs motion to do its job properly.


2) Enhanced Mental Strength

Our modern world can seem to be a cauldron of stress and anxiety. From beeping cell phones to intrusive social media, there hardly seems to be a moment to simply breathe and relax. Yoga’s emphasis on focus, meditation, and mindfulness build resilience within the brain, boosting its ability to manage emotions and release stress.


3) Deeper Compassion

Yoga’s emphasis on becoming comfortable with oneself and building empathy for others leads to stronger compassion, enriched kindness, and the creation of a foundation of self-esteem. This then allows the practitioner to move through the world with a solid core.


4) Stronger Motivation

The 24-hour news cycle of doom and despair has many people throwing up their hands and asking “why even bother?” Yoga counteracts that with a message of hope and courage. It reminds us that all of life is in cycles, of yin and yang, of ebb and flow. It shows us that each of us has a unique potential within us. Each of us can find ways to channel their energy to make a difference.


5) Expanded Creativity

Creativity is at the core of all successful ventures. It’s how doctors discover new treatments for diseases. It’s how businesses break through barriers and invent new markets. It’s how artists create groundbreaking new visions. Yoga’s message of embracing all the world has to offer ensures each of us maintains and enhances our creativity and curiosity about life.


6) Clearer Inner Voice

Society can often ‘hammer down the nail which sticks up’. Society can train individuals to conform and to follow. This can cause people to lose track of their own unique inner voice. Yoga helps us slow down and hear that all-important inner voice. It provides us access to our intrinsic self and to hear its messages.


7) Coordinated Left-Brain Right-Brain

The human brain has two hemispheres – the left and right – and each has its own strengths and weaknesses. In an ideal situation, the two hemispheres are in closely coordinated communication with each other, relaying information and keeping our world in balance. Yoga is a conduit for these efforts. Yoga melds the creative with the logical, the expressive with the investigative. It helps a person both find time to ponder new ideas and to find the voice to express them to others.


8) Improved Concentration

A key benefit of yoga involves how the mind builds its ability to focus on individual tasks and to maintain that concentration. This is one of those life-long skills which serves a person well no matter what it is that person intends to do with their life. Whether it’s sports or math tests, writing a report or communicating clearly with friends and family, concentration can be the key which brings a person to a higher level of performance.


9) Enhanced Self-Worth

Each of us is unique. Each of us has a purpose in life. Yoga helps us see into our essence, evaluate our strengths, and find what we truly wish to do with our time and energy. Yoga helps us shed aside that which does not matter and focus in on our dreams and aspirations.


10) Strengthened Resilience

All of life is made up of cycles. There are ups and downs. Hurdles and setbacks. J. K. Rowling’s book was rejected twenty different times before a publisher saw the appeal of Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone. We are defined by our ability to persevere. To keep going and thrive in the face of adversity. Yoga builds that inner strength. It builds our ability to look at a closed door and find a way through it. To find peace and gratitude even in the most challenging of situations.


Our modern world can sometimes seem a wasteland of smartphones, social media, and a 24-hour news cycle trumpeting despair. Yoga helps us find the reset button. It reconnects us with our unique inner being, finds our core, and develops a path which brings us to our true purpose in life. Through regular practice, yoga can lift and improve our body, mind, and spirit, allowing us to reach our goals and embrace our dreams.